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Pequannock Valley & Western Railroad Co.

The Pequannock Valley & Western Railroad Co. is dedicated to the construction of rail cars modeled to the late steam era-early desiel era of the Erie Railroad. All of our locomotives are modeled after a specific prototype of the Erie.

To clarify, we are the Erie Railroad owned by the Pequannock Valley & Western Railroad Co.

 We currently have two divisions, the Greenwood Lake Division and New York Division. The Greenwood Lake Division is a private track and not open to the public. The New York Division is located in Nelliston, NY and is currently under construction at the Mohawk Trackside Inn along the CSX Chicago Line/Mohawk Sub.

 The line is going to model the Erie Main Line from Jersey City to Chicago with representations of notable locations along the route. For more information, visit the New York Division page.

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